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Contrast Therapy

in a Guided Group Setting

MINDZERO brings you a unique, scientifically-proven, multi-sensory experience incorporating sauna, cold plunge, and breathwork in a guided group setting. Reset your mind and body, elevate your daily life, and realize your limitless potential.

Bring Your Mind To Zero

In a world filled with screens, data, and overwhelm, here is your space to calm the mind, refocus, and release the stresses of life in a short duration that can fit, even into a busy schedule.


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4 Sessions/mo
(avg 1/week)



8 Sessions/mo
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Unlimited Sessions/mo
(recommended for 3+/week)


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MINDZERO brings you a unique, scientifically-proven, multi-sensory experience combining sauna, cold plunge, sound, and breath in a guided 50-minute group session. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Wear something comfortable for sitting in the sauna and getting into the cold plunge. We recommend bringing a water bottle as well to make hydration before and after the session easy and convenient. A water station is available on site. We provide towels (2 per visit) but feel free to bring your own if you like an extra one for showering after the session.

Hydration is very important and can directly impact the overall experience. Make sure you come well hydrated and keep hydrating after the session as well. Electrolytes and coconut water are available for purchase.  We also recommend monitoring alcohol consumption before and after the experience. Please arrive 10-15 min before the session’s start time to allow for enough time to properly prepare for the session.

You can expect to relax, practice some new breathing patterns, dip in the cold plunge, warm up in a sauna, and get to know our great community.

The experience is 50 minutes. You can stay for a longer or shorter period of time during our open sessions.

To maximize the benefits we recommend attending sessions regularly. Many of our members come daily, while others prefer to attend a couple days per week. Each guided session typically includes 2 x 2min in the cold plunge and 2-3 x 10min in the sauna. Our staff is always happy to discuss your personal goals and the benefits you are looking to achieve in order to help determine what the best frequency should be for you.

Yes! The experience follows scientific research and recommendations on the optimal cold and warm exposures with hormetic stress conditioning. Please discuss any concerns you may have with a health professional prior to your session and make sure to present a physician’s approval when needed. We ask that you arrive well hydrated and nourished. Make sure to listen to your body before, during and after the session and take care of yourself.

The sauna is set to a range of 185-200F. Stadium seating in the sauna means the higher up you sit the warmer it is. The cold plunge is maintained in the lower 50F.

18 and older can join a session on their own. 10-17 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.



MINDZERØ was created in the middle of a hot and extremely intense training session in the hills of California. Our two original founders signed up for a 75 hour long challenge where they were pushed to their physical and mental limits.

Although many people broke down and dropped out, David Semerad and Bill Miller successfully completed the course and came out physically healthier and more enlightened than either had anticipated.  It was through this arduous process the two became friends. As David and Bill’s friendship grew and they looked back on that 75 hour long challenge, they realized what got them to the finish line wasn’t their physical or mental strength but the rest and recovery.  At that point, they knew what they had to do. They called George Becker and Dr. Heather Grimm, and MINDZERØ was created.



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